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U-Shaped Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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Do you want to say goodbye to uncomfortable journeys? Our Memory+ Pillow will help you prevent neck pains, crinks, strains, stress, and aches, with its patented design that keeps your posture upright and helps you put to sleep quickly and stay asleep. Lightweight and super compact, it's crafted from the highest quality memory foam, allowing the pillow to mold to the contours of your neck and head for unmatched comfort and support. Upgrade your travel experience with this extraordinary pillow today!



🔹 Patented Design: Keeps your posture upright and prevents neck pains, cricks, strains, stress, and aches caused by traveling long distances.

🔹 Lightweight & Compact Design: Ensures comfort and convenience when traveling.

🔹 Premium Memory Foam Material: Moulds to the contours of your neck and head, providing unmatched comfort and support.


- U-Shape: 30 cm x 20 cm
- Weight: 9.2 oz
- Height: 4.3 in


- Unpack the Pillow and let the memory foam gradually regain its original shape.
- Position the pillow comfortably around your neck until you feel your head and chin are supported.
- If you can't find the right position, try putting the pillow upside-down and trying again.
- Now the pillow will put you asleep and keep you asleep, so you wake up at your destination without pains or aches.


- How do I wash the Pillow?
Remove the cotton cover and then wash it with your hands! The pllow is not suitable for machine-washing.

- Is the Pillow suitable for children?
The original Pillow comes in one size and is suitable for all shapes and sizes. We recommend our pillow for ages 14+ due to the size.