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Smart Auto Face Tracking Tripod

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Do you want to make your video calls, shooting, live streaming, and other activities easier and more convenient?

Look no further than the Smart Auto Face Tracking Tripod! This phone holder is designed to free your hands and make different postures with its 360-degree rotation and AI tracking of movement. Plus, you don't need to download an application, so you can save time and energy. Best of all, it's made of durable material and designed with exquisite workmanship, so you can use it for a long time. Never miss a frame again with this awesome cellphone holder!


😃 Face Tracking: This smart face tracking phone holder is easy to use, freeing your hands, and convenient for you to make different postures.

😎 Rotatable: This phone holder is rotatable, you can adjust it 360 degrees, making your shooting more convenient and easier.

🤩 No Application Needed: This kind of phone mount is easy to use because you do not need to download an application, saving time and strength for you.


- 8 hrs. Battery life
- Can be mounted on a tripod if wanted
- Charging Port Type C (easily found in any local stores)
- Can be adjusted Vertically or Horizontally


1. Place your phone in the holder.
2. Turn on the device and connect the phone via Bluetooth.
3. The device will track your face automatically.
4. Adjust the angle and height of the holder to get the best view.


Q: Does this holder come with a tripod?
A: Yes, it can be mounted on a tripod if wanted.

Q: What type of charging port does this holder have?
A: The charging port is Type C, which can be easily found in any local stores.