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Round Universal Usb Power Strip 2PIN US Plug , 2M

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Are you struggling with tangled cords and cables cluttering up your deskspace? Introducing the Round Universal USB Power Strip - a 3-prong surge protector with 3 universal AC outlets and 3 USB ports, it has a maximum power of 2500W/10A and a voltage range of 110-250V, perfect for charging multiple devices! It's compatible with plugs from all countries, so it's great for overseas business trips and vacations, and it has a retractable design to help you get rid of the clutter. It's portable, suitable for office, travel, and home, and has a power cord length of 1.8m/2.8m. An international power strip with USB ports that makes it perfect for anyone who has had enough of the tangling cords and cable clutter.


🔋Powerful: With a maximum power of 2500W/10A and a voltage range of 110-250V, it is perfect for charging multiple devices.
🧳Portable: It's suitable for office, travel, hotels, dormitories, airports, college essentials, and home.
🌎Compatible: It accepts plugs from all countries including US,UK, EU, you no more worries about power surges when charging multiple devices overseas.


- Item Type: Household Goods
- Power cord length: 1.8 meters / 2.8 meters
- Overall size: 5.5CM*12CM
- Rated current: 10A
- Rated voltage: 110V-250V


1. Plug the power strip into an available wall socket.
2. Plug devices into the outlets or USB ports.
3. Once the devices are powered on, they will start charging.


Q: How many devices can I charge simultaneously?
A: You can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously with 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports.

Q: How long is the power cord?
A: The power cord length is 1.8m/2.8m.