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Portable Solar Power Bank Charger

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Are you running out of battery and in need of a reliable way to charge your devices? Don’t panic - this Portable Solar Power Bank Charger is the perfect solution to help you out of unexpected sticky situations.

This Keychain Powerbank is lightweight, anti-explosion, and extremely compact - just clip it onto your backpack with the included carabiner and you’re ready to roll! With strong SOS and flash modes, you can light your way through darkness and emergencies. Plus, with its powerful 1200 MAh high capacity polymer battery and compact solar panel to recharge the battery with sunlight, you’ll never be stranded thanks to the Portable Solar Power Bank Charger.


✅ Lithium Polymer Battery Cells: Compact, Reliable, and Long Service Life with more than 500 recharges.
✅ SOS/S-Flash Modes: Takes you through darkness and emergencies as a lifesaver.
✅ 3 Lighting Modes: Strong light, Strobe/SOS perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and traveling.
✅ Micro USB Input Ports: Easy to use and recharge.


- 1200 mAh High Capacity Polymer Battery
- Includes Carabiner Clip
- Micro USB Input Recharging Ports
- Charging Time: 1.5-2 hours


1. Charge the Portable Solar Power Bank Charger with the included micro USB recharging ports or harness solar energy with the powerful solar panel.
2. Clip the carabiner onto your backpack and you’re ready to roll!
3. Press the power button to begin charging.
4. Switch between 3 lighting modes: strong light, strobe/SOS.


Q: Can I use the solar panel to charge the bank?
A: Yes, however, please do not use the solar panel as the main power source as it is subject to the intensity of sunlight and the conversion rate of the panel, which may take a long time to charge.

Q: What's the capacity of this power bank?
A: This power bank has a high capacity of 1200 MAh.

Keychain Cell Phone Backup Power Bank Universal Solar 950mAH Pocket Chargers with 3 LED Light Charging Equipment for Most Device

Power Bank - Travel-Friendly, Portable USB External Cell Phone Backup for Most Device, Universal Charging Solar Power Bank with Keychain & 3 LED Lights for Outdoors
High-brightness LED flashlight, LED power reaches 0.8W, can be used as portable lighting
Using monocrystalline silicon solar cells with high conversion efficiency, the solar energy conversion rate reaches more than 17%
Charging time for mobile phone: about 30 minutes (different brands and models of mobile phone charging time)
The charging time of the built-in battery of the solar charger is 20-24 hours (depending on the light intensity)
Charge the charger's built-in battery with a computer or AC adapter: about 2.5 hours

Name: Keychain Power Bank
Material: ABS
Colors: White, Black
Product size: 70mm*40mm*15mm/2.75in*1.57in*0.59in
Net weight: 30g
Gross weight: 30g
Lights: 3 LED
Input: 5.0v±0.02
Output voltage: 5.0v±0.02
Maximum output current: DC500-800mA/H
Solar panel power: 5V 40MA
Built-in lithium battery: 950mAH polymer, actual capacity, for Gree brand battery

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!

Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 

1*Keychain Power Bank