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Mmagic Mop for Wash Floor Mop Cleaner Cleaning Flat Spin Mop Bucket Floor House Cleaning Easy Home Cleaning 360°Rotation With

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product information

Name: Free hand wash mop

Material: stainless steel + quick-drying fine fiber

Weight: 600g

Size: 32cm×11cm

No hand wash, clean and not dirty water Large panel flat mop to care for floor cleaning

No hand washing makes cleaning easier No hand wash for wet and dry Double scraper drainage Microfiber cleaning cloth Quickly remove stains

Drag and drop Calmly clean the whole house No hand washing, no bending over, no effort Save time, worry and effort

Quickly remove dust and dirt Restore a clean home Technology upgrade, no hand washing and more time-saving Bring a clean and dust-free environment for you and your family Wet and dry Remove wet and dry mixed garbage Suitable for kitchen and bathroom Elution one Double squeegee squeeze system No need to wash and save effort Strong applicability Suitable for different home improvement floors Careful care, clean as new ,

Double scraper squeeze water for decontamination Make cleaning easier

One punch and one scrape Cleaner than hand washing

Push and pull Dryer than hand-wringing

Narrow slits, flexible walking Travel dexterously in all kinds of small spaces No need to dodge, no dodge Slim design The lower sofa bottom can do well without getting dirty Slender panel Facing narrow gaps, you can walk calmly, clean and less dead ends

Quick suction Oily and dirty

Strong adsorption Dusty hair

Flexible roaming Clean no dead ends

36CM extended panel Time-saving and easy cleaning

No need to bend down Operate with one hand

Microfiber shrinking mop Dust dander Oily dirt Adsorb the hair

Cleaner, storage does not take up space

Mmagic mop for wash floor mop cleaner cleaning flat spin mop bucket floor house cleaning easy home cleaning 360°rotation with