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HD Transparent Rainproof Film (4 Pcs)

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Are you looking for superior car safety and visibility in rainy or foggy conditions? Look no further than our Transparent Rainproof Film! These protective films are designed to keep your rearview mirror clear and free of scratches, stains, and dust to ensure clear viewing in all weather conditions.

With its super hydrophilic hard coating, our Hd Transparent Rainproof Film repels rainwater and disperses condensation quickly, and its anti-glare and anti-stain capabilities reduce the glare of high beams from other vehicles.

Easily install in minutes with the included installation tool, our Hd Transparent Rainproof Film is the perfect choice for a wide variety of cars, SUVs, trucks, and trailers. Enjoy your driving time with superior safety and visibility with our Hd Transparent Rainproof Film!


💦Waterproof and Anti-Fog: Super hydrophilic hard coating allows water droplets to disperse quickly without condensation.

🔆Anti-Glare and Anti-Stain: Reduces the glare of the high beam behind the vehicle and makes darts easy to remove.

🚗Wide Range of Applications: Anti-fog rear view mirror protective film for most car rearview mirrors, including cars, SUVs, trucks, trailers, etc.

🔐Mirror Protection: Protect your rearview mirror from scratches, stains and dust to keep the rearview mirror clear at all times.

📦Easy Installation: The car anti-glare and rainproof film can be installed in minutes, and the installation tool is included.


- Comes in a set of 4 pieces
- Size: 30cm x 127cm
- Coating: Multi-layer Nanometer Coating


1. Ensure the rearview mirror is clean and dry before installation.
2. Peel off the adhesive backing of the film and carefully stick it to the rearview mirror.
3. Carefully press down the edges to ensure a tight fit against the mirror.
4. Use the included squeegee to remove any bubbles or excess water.
5. Enjoy your improved visibility and driving safety in all weather conditions!


Q: Does it work on all car rearview mirrors?
A: Yes, the protective film is designed to work on most cars, SUVs, trucks, and trailers.

Q: Is this rainproof film durable?
A: Keeps its anti-rain properties and anti-fog capabilities for up to 6 months.