Step into the Future

GearUp™ Smart Display revolutionizes your driving experience with futuristic technology. Upgrade your driving experience with GearUp™ Smart Display. Embrace the future of driving and make every journey extraordinary!



Endless creativity.

Connect your phone and display any photo, GIF or video on your window. You can also show texts and customize fonts, size, text color, background color and choose from many effects. 

Effortless Integration.

Setting up GearUp™ Smart Display is a breeze, connecting seamlessly to your car's interface. Embrace the future without any complications. 


GearUp™  Smart Display



This is the real deal! Such a good price for what you’re getting. Comes with a QR Code to download the app and I can put anything on it. Great quality.

GearUp™  Smart Display

oduct is actually crazy and it’s very easy to use. You can also change everything while driving on the app!

GearUp™  Smart Display

GearUp™  Smart Display


Libby Hegmann


First of all, the product itself is good. It looks good at distance. However, when the app enters the text mode Hangul, the consonant vowel separation phenomenon takes place. It's the answer even if you change to the Kokwati keyboard, so turn on the keypad tool option and make a phrase from another place. After the death, you can just paste the keypad tool, but it's cute and just GIF-Dit and upload it as an image. And there is a speed control when you upload a GIF. Anyway, I think it's good to just use it, and it seems to be useful in many ways to use a site that makes GIF-Dit pixel art. And I can use it with the image of the clock function.



Best thing I’ve bought this year!!! Having so much fun with my friends on the road you can put everything on it!

Tyrique Connelly



Noemy Hills


Slightly small but I hadn't read the measurements

GearUp™  Smart Display