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ORIGINAL Purple Toothpaste for Teeth Whitening V34 Color Teeth Cleaning Corrector

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[Easy to use] This whitening toothpaste adopts an ergonomic pressing design, which is easy to use and will not be lost. The toothpaste foam is 60ml and has a large capacity for long-term use.
[Tooth whitening] Toothpaste foam can clean tartar, repair gums, eliminate bad breath, whiten teeth, freshen breath, and prevent tooth decay. Delicate foam and green mint. It is suitable for tooth whitening and desensitization, and is safe for dentures.
[Halitosis treatment] Halitosis starts from your tongue and enters your gums to achieve fresher breath and healthier gums! Fight gum and bad breath.
[Natural ingredients] Our soft foam toothpaste formula contains no fluoride and no artificial pigment, which is helpful for tooth whitening and desensitization. Provide comprehensive protection for your gums and teeth, and breathe more fresh.
[Brighter and whiter smile] Remove stains and whiten teeth when brushing. Whiten your face all day long and get a perfect smile!



1*V34 toothpaste