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Children's Road Building Maze Ball Track Puzzle Table Game

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Color: BS779 Road Maze Abs


The objective of this Inspiri Logical Road Builder Game is to line up the tiles to create a perfect path for the car to deliver the ball from Start to End, but there’s more than one way to do it. Children will love to gather their friends, put their minds to work, and figure out the best way to get the car safely across the board without it toppling over.


Develops their cognitive skills – Inspiri Logical Road Builder Game is designed to encourage the engineer inside every child. It gets them to think hard to solve difficult problems and strengthens their spatial ability, logical thinking, pattern recognition, and sustained attention.

Great for all ages – This logic game features 118 levels that are created to creatively challenge all skill levels, making it great for children and adults who love to tinker with puzzles. With the levels progressing from beginner to expert, it trains your brain to think creatively while keeping things fun.

Encourages Cooperative play – With no timers or competition, this multiplayer cooperative game allows children to think together and come up with solutions as a team. This teaches them to collaborate, compromise, and hone their social skills.