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4K 2160P Carplay Android Auto Car Dvr Stream Rearview Mirror GPS 5G WIFI Dash Cam FM Radio Dashcam Car Camera Drive Recorder

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Color Name.: 4K-2 Len-Bl-Gps
Sd Card Memory: 64G

Ultra HD 4K 3840*2160P Carplay Android Auto Car Dvr Stream RearView Mirror GPS 5G WIFI Dash Cam FM Radio Dashcam Car Camera Drive Recorder

Ultra HD 4K 3840*2160P:

Adopting the latest true 4K full HD technology from 2023, capturing license plates, road signs, and other critical details on the road. Very clear and smooth images display as like a stream flowing on the excellent HDR and auto adjusting brightness streaming mirror. Supports simultaneous 1:1 display of front and rear cameras.

Ultra HD 4K HDR Super Night Vision:

Latest Carplay and Android Auto Features:

By using the latest technology, supports Carplay and Android Auto functions, users can easily and safely make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, use navigation, support Siri, and more. (Wireless Connections, via BT or WiFi)

Voice Assisted Technology:

In Carplay mode, support Siri voice assistant, free hands, and get a better driving experience.

Multi Mode Scene Switching:

When you are not connected to your phone, it is a streaming dash cam with dual cameras that can record all aspects of your driving dynamics.

When you connect your phone and start Carplay/Android Auto, it is an intelligent dash cam that provides more features and enriches your driving experience.

FM/AUX Transmission Function:

Built in multi chip audio output mode, can choose between wireless FM output or wired AUX(AUX cable needs to be ordered separately), audio output, and can retain high fidelity audio output.

5G Hz Hight-Speed WiFi:

Equipped with built-in WiFi, it can be connected to a mobile phone, you can preview real-time images to view historical records and quickly download pictures. With the latest 5G Hz technology, the video transmission speed will be faster and smoother than the traditional 2.4G Hz.

GPS Tracking:

After connecting the GPS module, the DVR will display the speed, and record the speed, coordinates, and track. Dedicated player, more detailed playback display. You can view your speed, coordinates, track in detail.

Built In Supercapacitor Battery:

Parking Assist Function:

Loop Recording:

About the Buck Line (24-Hour Parking Monitoring):

If you are worried about your car being damaged by someone else after parking, you can use our buck line to connect the DVR to ensure that the recorder works 24 hours.

Video Time-lapse:

If the kit you ordered includes our original Buck Line, in the state of parking monitoring, it can realize the time-lapse video function, record one frame per second, which can greatly save the memory capacity.

Installation Method: