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3D Three-Dimensional Software Large Octopus Kite

Original price $122.31 - Original price $1,007.08
Original price
$122.31 - $1,007.08
Current price $135.49
Style: 10style

Product information:
Fabric: Non-woven fabric
Frame material: no frame

8 meters high 1.1 meters wide 1.4 meters
12 meters high 1.45 meters wide 1.45 meters
15 meters high 1.65 meters high 1.48 meters

Color: 1 style: 8m orange color (without line and wheel), 2 style: 8m black color (without line and wheel), 3 style: 8m red tube (without line and wheel), 4 style: 8 meter orange tube (without thread and wheel), 5 style: 8 meter purple tube (without thread and wheel), 6 style: 12 meter orange black (without thread and wheel), 7 style: 15 meter black color ( Without thread and wheel), 8 style: 15 meters of red color (without thread and wheel), 9 style: 15 meters of orange color (without thread and wheel), 10 style: 8 meters of pastel color (without thread and wheel) ,11 style: 8 meter crystal octopus (without thread and wheel), 12 style: 8 meter agate octopus (without thread and wheel), 13 style: 8 meter red color octopus (without thread and wheel), 14 style: 8m blue color octopus (without line and wheel), 15 style: 8m bright green color octopus (without line and wheel), 16 style: 10m red bamboo octopus (without line and wheel), 17 style: 10 meters green bamboo octopus (without thread and wheel), 18 style: 8 meter yellow tube octopus (without thread and wheel), 19 style: windproof material 20 meters alien scorpion, 20 style: windproof material 23 meters emerald Octopus, 21 style: windproof material 23 meters black octopus, 22 style: windproof material 15 meters emerald octopus, 23 style: windproof material 15 meters black octopus

Packing list:
Octopus kite x1