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30/100Ml White Shoes Stain Polish Cleaner Gel Sneaker Whiten Cleaning Dirt Remover Set with Brush Tape Cleansing Washing Tool

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Size: 100ml

Our Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel will effectively keep your white sneakers shiny white!

Once the stains and yellow color appear on the shoes, it will destroy their beauty and elegance. Unlike other products that whiten shoes by creating a cover layer, Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel removes yellow dirt by chemical reaction and restores its true color.


Won’t Damage Shoes – Composed with a gentle formula, it won’t do any damage to the material and surface of the shoes, which is safe and harmless.

Easy to Use – Just take it and use it, you don’t need to mix it with water or any other substance. It comes with a squeezing nozzle, which is easy to use and will spread the gel evenly across the surface.

How to Use
  • 1. Clean Your Shoes
  • 2. Stick the Tape
  • 3. Apply the gel
  • 4. Let stand for 1-3hours
  • 5. Wipe off and clean