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3 Balls Breathing Exerciser Lung Function Improvement Trainer Respiratory Spirometry Breath Measurement System

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Keep Your Lung Healthy With Lungs Strengthener!

Lungs Strengthener can improve lung health by keeping the lungs active and the airways free from contraction. Three chambers with 3 balls work as a spirometer, and provides different inhalation rate from 600cc/sec to 1200cc/sec.

It can also help expand the air sacs in the lungs and release excess mucus from its surface. This way any fluid build-ups in the lung can be prevented.


Comprehensive Respiratory Fitness: Feel your lungs getting stronger every day by doing deep breath exercises, it can help with restoring lung capacity, and reduce disrupted breathing patterns

Removable Bottom And Solid Material: Keep you protected from germs. Non-shaky construction with durable materials.

Easy to Clean And Maintain: Simply remove the bottom and detach the mouth piece, and wash them with soap.